We Vape We Vote was formed in 2019 as an direct response to the Vape Ban announcement made by Trump Administration on the 9th of september, by a group of likeminded individual spread all across the United States working together to spread the truth about vaping and protect our fundamental right to access harm reduction products.

We Vape We Vote is calling the silent majority to join the movement against the Vape Ban and fight back!

We Vape We Vote was created as an response to the unfair actions of our government failing our community, using the effort of various individuals with a long history working in the industry.

Started on 9/11/2019 few minutes before the vape ban announcement, we were in the first lines of deference pushing the only message that matters, #WeVapeWeVote.

The vaping community made a huge difference in the first few days of the announcement, forcing Trump to take back his statement and hold on his intention to ban vaping.

We Vape We Vote is not a non-profit organization, neither a trade organisation. And we never claimed to be! We Vape We Vote is a community of people who take action themselves, and fight for the cause that matters. Which is stopping the Vape Ban and the Fake News around vaping.

We Vape We Vote doesn’t have a board of director members, all work is volunteered by people who want to contribute in helping the movement.

We Vape We Vote doesn’t take donations, we never asked for donations and we advise all of our supporters to avoid fundraisers that make use of our name. We believe in action, we believe in the community, and this is something that will never change.

Our founding members maintain this website to help spread the awareness, initiating programs and tools for you to use. We created this website with the single purpose of building a platform for everybody to use, together united. We Vape We Vote belongs to everybody and is FREE.


You are #WeVapeWeVote. Tell @realDonald J. Trump @POTUS @FLOTUS on twitter “We Vape We Vote in 2020. 13M Strong” and let’s keep the movement alive!

Call the White House: 202-456-1111 (Comment Line) or 202-456-1414 (Switchboard) and tell them that vaping saves lives, tobacco and menthol aren’t enough to save small business or help people quit smoking. And tell them “We Vape, We Vote. 13M Strong.”